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Webquest USA

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Comune di Alseno


Webquest USA

A Virtual Journey to the United States of America



You probably often watch serials and films set in the USA….



….but what do you really know about the USA?

Would you like to know more?

Why don’t you leave for a virtual journey to one or more states?

cartina usa


1) Work in groups to visit and explore the websites below. Try to find the following introductory information :

  • How many states are included in the US Federation?
  • A state code is a …-letter code used to identify each state.
  • The three biggest cities are….
  • The capital of the U.S.A. is….
  • The US Federal Government, President and Parliament are in the city of….
  • The US Parliament is called the … and is located in the….
  • It is divided into two houses: the House of… and the….
  • While in the former MPs are proportional to the state population, in the latter there are…  MPs per state.
  • The US President lives in the….
  • The US financial capital (i.e. where the Stock Exchange is) is ….

8638_washington_la_casa_bianca statua libertà

Wall Street

casa bianca-2

• the largest state is…      map_of_alaska

  • The most populated state is…   map of california
  • Can we consider the U.S.A. a multi-ethnic state?
  • Is English the only language in the US? 

  • The first European settlers were called the…

• They came on board the… in the… century.mayflowy

• The U.S.A. declared independence from Great Britain in……. and the First President was….
George Washington

• The U.S.A. national holiday is on…

• Another war was fought INSIDE the US territory. It was the….

• You can now fill the black grid with the information you found (follow the ink to download the Task Grid file).

2)  Work in groups to visit and explore the website. Try to find the following information:

• Select five states you would like to visit and save or print the most relevant info about them (for example: map/official website/fast facts/tourist itineraries/special events etc).

• You can now fill the red grid with the information you found (follow the ink to download the Task Grid file).

3) Now that you know the basics, you are ready to leave… The most famous road in the US is the….
Enjoy the ride!

• Work in groups to visit and explore the websites below:

Try to find the following information:

• Route 66 was commissioned in… and finally paved end-to-end in….

• Route 66 was decomissioned in….

• It starts in… (IL) and ends in … (CA).
route 66 map

• It is 2448 miles (i.e. … kilometres) long.

• It crosses… states and … time zones. By the way, if you don’t know what a time zone is, please check here:

• Route 66 has lot of nicknames: can you find them?

• In the 1940s a famous American writer, ……, won the Pulitzer Prize for its novel Grapes of Wrath, set on Route 66. What was his name?

• The success of Route 66 also affected the world of media.  A song entitledRoute 66 was sung by the famous singer and jazz musician …. His daughter … enjoyed world fame thanks to a cover of the same song. Even famous English bands like … and … have made a cover of that song.

• Even a … series was made and named after the road. It was aired between 1960 and 1964.

• Now it is a place for nostalgic tourists who re-discover its old-style facilities: gas…, motor hotels (normally  called …), fast-food … , souvenir …

• You can now fill the green grid with the information you found (follow the ink to download the Task Grid file).

4) After a road, you need an attraction to visit! Why not a National Park?

national park service

Work in groups to visit & explore the website:

• Select two national parks you are interested in and list some basic info about them.

• You can now fill the blue grid with the information you found (follow the ink to download the Task Grid file).

Now, finally, a game! Play with the WebRangers site!


Divide into groups of 5 people. Your teacher will help you.• Surf the web using the links provided by this webquest to find the necessary information.
You can use search engines like Google if you consider it necessary. Ask the teacher for advice.


• Print out and/or save whatever material you consider important.


At the end of your journey you will print the page from the link at the bottom of this page and fill the grids with the information you have found.
You will use for the final product of your webquest (see PRODUCTION, below).



• Discuss your discoveries with your teacher and classmates.

• Draw a concept map summarizing the information you have found, or

• Design and create a wall-poster for the classroom, or

• Create a document or a hypertext with the files you have saved.


Task Grids


Your performance will be assessed according to four levels:

• Beginning (mark: 6)
• Developing (mark: 7)
• Accomplished (mark: 8)
• Exemplary (mark: 9/10)

on the basis of these indicators:

• correctness
• completeness
• relevance
• inner organization
• lay-out




- Did you like your journey?

- Was it difficult to find all the required information? Did you “get lost” while surfing the net?

- Did you find the websites interesting?

- Did you like the Webrangers game?

- Do you think that studying on a book would have been easier, shorter, more interesting?

- In brief, do you think that you have learnt something important and worth-knowing?

And, finally, would you like doing this experience again?

If so, here are some suggestions for more resources:

and don’t forget the infinite links in

[torna in alto]

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